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The Art of Cooking, Means of Survival

No Comments 30 October 2003

udah beberapa posting terakhir banyak yang comment dengan menu makanan yang gue bikin di sini, walopun gue sebutin tanpa maksud showing-off.. heheh. some were surprised, some were amazed that i know how to cook. *lirik blub* hhehehe.. and about a week ago i just had a chatting session with one of my best friends from […]

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Rainy Day

No Comments 17 September 2002

hmm… iya nih kayaknya fall emang udah di depan pintu nih. *seperti katanya hanzky* it was raining the whole freakin’ weekend. on saturday, gue tadinya udah mau ketemuan ama han & may, tapi jadi nya males. padahal gue udah rapi, udah dandan, udah tinggal pergi.. end up nya malah nonton tipi. i was gonna clean […]

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It Smells!

No Comments 16 July 2002

gilaa rumah gue bau banget!! i feel like the smell sticks on me, my clothes, my bag…. sebel!! and it’s all because i made ayam belado tadi malem. on my way home from work i was talking to my co-worker, who happens to live in the same area as i am, and she mentioned how […]

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