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Going Dutch

Going Dutch

1 Comment 01 May 2006

pasti pernah dong denger term “going dutch“? bukan, bukan pergi ke belanda, tapi gaya kita untuk membayar pengeluaran masing2 waktu keluar bareng2 ama temen2 atau sama pacar. buat yang masih pacaran, apalagi jaman2 waktu masih minta duit dari orang tua, kayaknya term “going dutch” ini biasa lah di kalangan anak muda. walopun banyak juga cowo2 […]

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For The Love of Money

No Comments 05 May 2004

when i was young, i always dreamed to become someone who can travel all over the world. just like any other kid in the universe.. i want to be successfull and a wealthy person when i grow up. simply, i want to be rich, i want to have lotsa money and buy anything i want. […]

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Deja Vu

No Comments 09 January 2003

only a week passed in the new year, i already have a problem to face. financial problem. no.. it’s not that i don’t have money or suddenly gone bankrupt or anything *especially after my recent outings* but it’s more of a matter of tuition!! i’m not even back to school yet, goddammit. so you see […]

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Income Tax Jokes & Auditors

No Comments 25 September 2002

yeah.. i know i know.. it’s way after the hype of tax-income filing and way before we have to do another one.. but i came across these jokes and it cheered me up after having a ‘bad day’ fighting with damn auditors at work… *sigh*. so i thought i’d share it wit ya.. ****** Tony […]

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Where Can I Get A Low-Cost Auto Insurance?

No Comments 18 September 2002

when i picked up my mail yesterday i noticed i got a letter from geico. it thought it was my car insurance bill. but i already paid it off and it seems too early to be getting another one. so i opened it. and what a shock!! they could not renew my insurance for the […]

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Going Home Does Damage To My Wallet

No Comments 30 July 2002

i wonder what is it with indonesian and buying souvenirs (baca: oleh2)? untung gue jarang2 balik juga sih.. but still, it’s a tradition. when you’re coming back from somewhere or coming back from your vacation overseas, people expect to get souvenirs from you. why is that? why can’t they just be happy to find us […]

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