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West vs East

No Comments 19 June 2003

when i was growing up in indonesia, i always wondered what it will be like to live in a foreign country, particularly in america. i was infatuated with the lifestyles of the westerners and their cultures. i know i was not the only one. when i was still in high school, i remember how my […]

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If You Can Make It Here, You Can Make It Anywhere

No Comments 17 April 2003

we all know that there are only 24 hours in a day. when i was young, this number seems large. hell, when we were young, any two digits numbers seem large. but 24 hours in a day does not seem enough these days, does it? it is known that united states is the most productive […]

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Homeless to Harvard

No Comments 11 April 2003

hari gini di new york banyak banget orang&#178 ‘homeless’ berkeliaran. with the higher unemployment rate and the slowdown in the economy, i really do feel the difference in this city. before, only a few would pop up in the subway car and mostly they would have something to show before raising their hands. but these […]

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An Iraqi Kid’s Plea

No Comments 26 March 2003

honestly, i really don’t wanna do any posting about the war. it’s too sad. and for some reason.. the comments i received were quite disturbing. i posted all of those because i’m against any war.. no matter what. i don’t care about the players because they must have their own reasons.. reasons beyond my way […]

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Me No Habla Espanol

No Comments 22 March 2003

i’ve written about how people always mistake me for being other than indonesian. it still irritates me that i wanna write it again. new york city is known as a ‘melting pot’, where you can find everybody from everywhere in this city. not just the people, the culture live with us. apa sih yang gak […]

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