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25 Facts About Me

No Comments 07 February 2009

i was tagged by rani in facebook. didn’t want to start writing in facebook, so i figured i’d post it here. and i’m tagging whoever’s reading this… yep, that’s YOU!! ============================== 1. i have a typical javanese name and 100% minangkabau blood. 2. my parents gave me 4 names and no surname – a common […]

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Would I, I Wonder?

No Comments 08 January 2004

every beginning of the year, most of us compile what we did and have accomplished by year end. then we make a list of what we want to accomplish for the next year. this so-called “new year” resolution differs among us. sometimes we don’t even think about it, some of us do. personally, i never […]

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In Love (Kuis Iseng)

No Comments 19 December 2003

OH MY GAAAAWWWWDDD!! lord aragorn is so mighty damn fine, i’m falling in love with him all over again. saw the movie last nite. i thought i was crazy enough for watching it on its opening night, during working days and late at 11pm for a 3½ hours movie. we didn’t get out of the […]

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In Dreams

No Comments 05 December 2003

pagi itu aku terbangun dengan rasa kantuk yang amat berat. sudah beberapa malam ini aku susah tidur. mungkin karena sudah kebiasaan dengan sedikitnya waktu tidurku selama bulan puasa lalu. tak bisa aku tidur sebelum midnight. akibatnya jam 8 pagi pun aku masih di tempat tidur, menggeliat untuk bangun dengan bunyi alarm yang mendering tak henti². […]

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No Comments 01 November 2003

[update: click here for halloween pictures] [previous: “wb t-shirt“] >> picture taken on: october 31, 2003 >> photographer: self >> event: halloween night >> place: own room BOO!! happy halloween, peeps!! i didn’t know what i was gonna wear so i put on a make-up that kinda a mix of dolled-up frida-gypsian girl. not quite […]

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Me No Habla Espanol

No Comments 22 March 2003

i’ve written about how people always mistake me for being other than indonesian. it still irritates me that i wanna write it again. new york city is known as a ‘melting pot’, where you can find everybody from everywhere in this city. not just the people, the culture live with us. apa sih yang gak […]

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